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We are a high tech startup company founded in June 2015. We are committed to applying cutting edge technology into wearable solutions that can provide vital assistance in protecting children with autism and improving the lives of their families.

The developed technology and know-how are also useful and applicable to other prospect groups such as elderly people, children with special needs, industrial workers safety, preventive healthcare, research and analysis, etc.

Our Approach

Innovative technology

High performance wearable technology built on multiple sensors fusion architecture. Completely safe and silent device with advanced web & mobile platform deliverying additional support and safety.

Cloud-based service

Reliable and fast infrastructure that keeps the data available and accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Intelligent software solution

Capable of “learning” based on the data-processing, prioritizing activities, recognizing individual behavioural patterns and predicting potential risk events


Our company was founded by the business partners Nebojsa and Dragoslav in June 2015. : It all started back in 2013, when Dragoslav learned that in New York an 11-year old boy with autism, Avonte Oquendo, ran away from his public school. He is a father of a boy with autism who was then 8 years old and he was both sad and frightened by what happened to Avonte. Dragoslav followed the news about the lost boy in New York for more than three months - from the beginning, through the extensive search efforts, until the very tragic end. At that moment his son, David, was already in school and his father realized that he had to do something to protect him and his life. The case of Avonte made Dragoslav face his worst fear - of losing and not being able to find and help his son, who was so vulnerable to the outer world due to his autistic disorder!

Being a father of a child with autism, Dragoslav knows that there are many parents like him who fear their children will run away and something bad will happen to them. This is the world that we live in and unfortunately autism is one of the highest spread and fastest growing disorder.

Back in 2013 and in the beginning of 2014 while looking for a suitable solution to protect his own son, Dragoslav realized that they can actually use their expertise and knowledge to develop such a solution and help all these children and their families overcome their worst fears and improve their lives.

They worked on researching the needs of protection of the children with autism; talked with many families and people who have experience with raising and taking care of these children; searched the available solutions in the market and found little had been done to design something carefully and thoughtfully for children with autistic disorders. In this process, the idea crystalized into a concept formulation and in 2015 the they applied successfully to the Eleven Accelerator Program in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thus EuroPATC was born in the summer of 2015.

The first project of EuroPATC is an innovative technological solution with strong social cause - a wearable device and service with trademark Capplo™, carefully designed after the specific needs of children with autism.

The Problem

Children with autism need constant attention, monitoring, support and understanding. They often feel lost and disoriented, confused and sensory overwhelmed. Most of them are hypersensitive and hyperactive, vulnerable and unprotected.

A different solution to protect the children and to help their parents overcome their worst fears is needed.

The Demand

Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) falls among the group of fastest growing developmental disabilities. According to the available statistics and scientific research, ASD prevalence estimates range from 1%-1.5% of the world population and rapidly growing. It is estimated that 1 of 68 children has a disorder from the autistic spectrum, affecting more boys than girls.

The Solution

Reliable, complete, innovative, high-tech device and service.

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World Autism Awareness Day

“A child with Autism is not ignoring you, they are simply waiting for you to enter their world”

April 2, 2017



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1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

mob: +381604166342

e-mail: office@europatc.com

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