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Completely safe and silent and only 6mm thick device with numerous crucial sensors

Capplo™ is an electronic hardware device equipped with multiple sensors - body temperature, surrounding temperature and humidity, water detection, precise position, air pressure, altitude, 3D body position and orientation, free-fall, body vibration - that measure and indicate the position, state and condition of the body and the surrounding environment. The device is embedded in the child’s clothing, placed at the upper back so that it is not visible, cannot be felt or removed. It is completely silent and still so that it does not provoke child’s reaction.

Advanced web & mobile platform for additional support and safety

The service comprises of a web and cloud platforms, mobile application and telecommunications that enable the functioning of the devices, the connection between the children and their parents, the dissemination of alerts and signals and data gathering and transmission of the measured indications and body functions. All data are transmitted to a most advanced cloud platform (Microsoft Azure) where main processing, storing and learning process occurs.

Over time the software is capable of “learning” about every single child and his/her behavioral pattern and is able to predict potential danger situations and warn parents and guardians on time.

Capplo™ helps protecting the children by alerting their parents and trustee circle (via sms/web/mobile) about potential dangers. Parents can configure and customize the alert notifications, track the data and send feedback to the Capplo support team.

Capplo™ can also be useful for pharmaceutical companies during associated drug trials, as through it they can establish permanent and direct communication channel and data monitoring with trials’ participants. Additionally, collected data can be used for scientific and research purposes in the field of autism.

Capplo™ is capable of collecting other valuable information (over BLE) such as mobile EEG, heart rate and skin conductivity, useful for enhancing learning and predictive processes (eg, prediction of epileptic seizures). Therefore, the future device versions are going to be developed in that sense.

Why is capplo so important?

72.8 M

People with autism

2.2 M

Newborns with autism annually

1 in 68

children with autism